Users Guide

This Lab Manual has been designed with colorful images and links to videos, simulations and animations to increase student learning and increase their understandings of the topics. 

Accessing Lab Reports

• Lab Reports are accessed through the navigation bar at the top of the page.
• No matter where you scroll, this is at the top of the page. 
• When you hover over "Lab Report" a list will appear. The first item on the list is a pdf of the Lab Report.
• Students may wish to print the pdf out and work on the Lab Report as they go through the lab.  

Submitting Completed Lab Reports

• Below the pdf of the Lab Reports are a list of instructors teaching the course.
• Select your instructors name to link to either a Google doc of the Lab Report or a notice of how your instructor wants the Lab Report to be submitted.
• Each instructor has their own preferred method for submission of your Lab Reports. Be sure to consult with your professor for how they want the Lab Report Submitted. If you submit your Lab Report under the wrong instructor’s name, or in the incorrect place your instructor will not receive the Lab Report and it will not be graded.


This Lab Manual was created by Marie McGovern Ph. D for use in a non-majors biology laboratory course.
A special thanks to Anupam Pradham Ph. D. and Mary Ortiz Ph. D. for help with images, and Michael McGovern Ph.D. for creating the moth simulation in Lab 7.
This work was supported by the CUNY OER Grant.

Non-majors College Biology Lab Manual © 2021 by Marie McGovern Ph.D. is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0